Epic Daily Deals Revisited

You have likely heard of Groupon or Living Social. You may have even read my recent post comparing the too in a frugal faceoff. Both of these sites have been around for a few years and their success isn’t going unnoticed. Giants Google and Facebook have also launched their own version of daily deals this year to entice their huge audiences.

New Competition

Groupon and Living Social have been running the show for 4 years now and some new quality completion will be good for savvy savers. Although Google and Facebook are the new kids on the block in the coupon world I doubt they’ll have any trouble catching up to the financial success Groupon and Living Social have seen. Internet deals are all about traffic and Google and Facebook will probably stomp Groupon and Living Social in sales or maybe even acquire them later down the road.

This Internet Isn’t Big Enough For the 4 of Us

With the two largest sites on the Internet looking to grab a piece of the action there’s not likely enough to go around. It’s unclear what the future holds but if I were a betting man I would say Google and Facebook already have this wrapped up just a few months in. It will be interesting to see how loyal penny pinchers will be. My guess is couponers (people who only buy when they have a coupon) are not brand or company loyal. Couponers want the best deal regardless of who gives it to them.

The Stats Are In

Take a look at this awesome infographic I found that conveniently compares your top choices. You’ll notice many similarities in the 4 companies and a few subtle differences. I think one of Living Socials best differences is they will give you the item for FREE is you can refer 3 friends. Pretty sweet huh?

Here are the links to these daily deal sites so you can start saving.

Facebook DealsGoogle OffersLiving Social, Groupon – Daily deals on the city’s best stuff only from Groupon. Restaurants, spas, events & more, 50%-90% off!

Next Steps

Do you think Google and Facebook will bully the smaller Living Social and Groupon? Leave a comment below.

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Deals, Deals, Deals... and More Deals
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