Financial Success Weekend Roundup

Every week there is great content added to the personal finance blogosphere. I enjoy visiting other blogs and reading their best content daily. Thus, I’ve already done the hard work for you. :)

I love bouncing around new ideas and seeing other bloggers perspective and I hope this weekends roundup will open your eyes to something new.

Here is a quick list of this weeks 9 best personal finance articles. Check out some of these killer articles to keep your on track for financial success.

Frugal Dad – Are you an extreme cheapskate?

The Digerati Life – My basic financial plan

Moolanomy – Time value of money, inflation, and opportunity cost

Get Rich Slowly – Ask the readers, how to retire early

Wise Bread – 3 tax deductions you can never take

Bible Money Matters – When should you stop paying for your childs expenses

The Simple Dollar – Balance your checkbook as often as possible

Christian PF – Reasons for capping our standards of living

20’s Finances – Why I chose whole life insurance

I hope you enjoyed this weekends financial success roundup. I tried to offer a variety of great content.

Be sure to stay connected on facebook, twitter, and email. Also, let me know if you have any article ideas you would like to see here on Shared Financial Success.

I hope you’ve had a well rested weekend. Enjoy a fresh start to a new week. :)


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2 thoughts on “Financial Success Weekend Roundup

  1. No problem. I graduated college three years ago so I enjoy reading your posts at 20’s Finances. I’ll be sure to have an article next week for your new blog carnival.

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