10 Key Features of Top B2B Platforms: How to Choose the Right B2B Ecommerce Solution That Will Benefit Your Company

Features of Top B2B Platforms

How to find and choose the best b2b ecommerce platform? Here are 10 key features of top b2b platforms!


Return of investment or ROI of b2b ecommerce solution may be high but if you make a mistake and choose a certain system, you may lose the money you have invested and you will face the risk of not getting the competitive advantage you’ve always wanted.

Choosing b2b ecommerce solution can be a hard task and while it may seem that all ecommerce solutions have similar characteristics and features, it is super important to understand each platform before choosing one. You have to keep in mind the features that your business can benefit from.

In this article, we will share 10 key features of the top b2b platforms:

    1. Easy management system – The solution platform must be able to import the products from a csv or ERP file. Also, check if bulk functions are available as this will improve the speed and usability of making changes and edits in the catalogs.
    2. Forecast – This feature will help you forecast structure of sales or sales volume. It is a very important feature.
    3. Search – With a great search feature, you can find what you need. Make sure this feature is available, especially if you have different products and a great number of products in your price list.
    4. Process returns -According to the agreement with your customers, you will have to handle more or less returns and your b2b ecommerce solution should have a feature that will help you manage the process.
    5. Multiple warehouses – Top b2b platforms and powerful solutions can support more than one warehouse.
    6. Minimum order – By having this feature, you can setup a minimum acceptable for your order size. Your customers must be informed about this when they make orders.

  1. Installation and integration – The software-as-a-service or SaaS solutions are easier to install. The integration with your current software depends on the power and availability of the integration tools.
  2. Updates – You need a platform that will update automatically and SaaS systems update after a comprehensive testing.
  3. User rights – Each user may have different needs and rights which can be managed by one administrator. With this feature, you can manage permissions for each type of user.
  4. Pricing model – Knowing how much you will be paying for using the system is super important. Make sure that you can afford using the platform!

There you go – the best and most important features every b2b ecommerce solution should offer.


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