How to Create a Customized B2B Shopping Experience When Using B2B Wholesale Platform

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B2B customers expect excellent and smooth shopping experience! Read and discover how to create a customized b2b shopping experience when using b2b wholesale platform!


As B2B ecommerce industry continues to develop and grow, more and more wholesalers and brands are looking for the right b2b wholesale platform that will provide the ultimate shopping experience for their customers. If you are involved in this industry, if you are a b2b wholesaler, you need to consider the features you may use as a b2c customer when purchasing online. The b2b customers expect excellent and smooth shopping experience and this is very important to them as they are placing complex and high-volume orders.

The first thing you need to do is find a suitable b2b wholesale platform that will best fit your business, your customers, and their needs. A starting point is finding an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to implement and will be simple for your b2b customers to use.

Once you will find a proper b2b wholesale platform, you need to create a customized or a personal shopping experience. You can start by considering customers’ purchases, when do they place their orders, what are they purchasing, how can they find the products they are looking for?

Here is what you should do to provide each customer’s an experience that is tailored to their needs:

  • Purchase history: The customers should have access to their purchase history and quickly place orders based on all previous purchases.
  • Customer-specific pricing: Your customers want to look into the most popular and best-selling items to see how flexible and comparable the prices are. They also expect to see discounts and product of the month category, and etc.
  • Customized product catalogs: You can create personalized catalogs based on purchased and top-searched items. The catalog is a storefront that identifies the attitude of the customer towards the products which means it should be vivid and personal as possible.
  • Support branding: As with any other business, you have probably spent money, time, and effort to create your brand and now it is time to promote your brand. After all, this is what your customers are buying. You need to make your b2b ecommerce site as unique as possible. The b2b wholesale platform should allow you to add your logo, business name, and website domain.

Find a b2b wholesale platform that will help you deliver a memorable and impeccable buying experience!


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